Our e Twinning Project “Resource – Don’t Go!” under the scope of the BioBeo EU project startedat the end of October! With this project, 8 schools from 6 European countries – Greece, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,Lithuania and Romania, are twinned to teach and learn the essence of bioeconomy. In thisproject, the teachers an

From 19th to 21rst November the BioBeo consortium met in Warsaw. The aim was to• Summarise the previous developments• Synchronise the efforts of the different tasks• Underline the next steps of the future New Boardgames were created and presented, as well as apps, animated stories, teaching materials, and curricula. As a b

BioBeo visited the 35th NIBI Congress on 10 and 11 November: This is an annual 2-days conference with over 700 teachers in biology. The theme was ‘ Resistance’: seen from various viewpoints. Resistance in the classroom, against illness, against climatechange, the pathway of immunisation etc There was a opening lecture for

The 33rd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition took place 26–29 September in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Beo and Raja paid their visit too! BioBeo consortium member Janneke was excited to be part of this endeavour: “We are always looking forward to meeting new partners and to see if we can work together on student exchan