BioBeo App

The BioBeo App is an app that combines fun, learning, and adventure for kids who love nature. With BioBeo App, kids can choose from different trail routes that are suitable for their age and location. On each trail, they can explore the biodiversity and beauty of nature, answer quizzes about bioeconomy, and earn points. BioBeo App helps kids understand how bioeconomy can benefit the environment and society, and how they can contribute to it. BioBeo App also helps kids stay safe by categorising the trail routes as child safe or adult supervision required. BioBeo App is not just an app, it is a fun and educational journey that sparks kids’ curiosity and creativity about the natural world.
The app can be downloaded here!
If you need a WebApp version, find it here!

BioBeo Dashboard

BioBeo Dashboard is a tool for educators to create routes and assign quizzes to the point of interests. These routes and quizzes will be available on the BioBeo App for the students to go around their area and learn about bioeconomy.
The dashboard can be accessed here!