eTwinning Project Started!

Our e Twinning Project “Resource – Don’t Go!” under the scope of the BioBeo EU project started
at the end of October!

With this project, 8 schools from 6 European countries – Greece, Spain, Sweden, Turkey,
Lithuania and Romania, are twinned to teach and learn the essence of bioeconomy. In this
project, the teachers and students will co-create and play the Resource – Don’t Go! game to gain
playful insights into the solutions and challenges of a sustainable and circular bioeconomy.
Sabiha Gökçen Zwack from Bioeconomy Office Hohenheim invited all the teachers who are
voluntarily participated in this project to the very first teacher meeting in November! In this
meeting, Dr. Evelyn Reinmuth, the head of the Bioeconomy Office Hohenheim, talked about the
BioBeo project and the concept of bioeconomy.

After the ice-breaking session, the teachers discussed the working and communication
standards of the project as well as the application requirements for the National Quality Label.
The supporting material “Background Information on Bioeconomy”, which is designed
specifically for teachers by the University of Hohenheim team and the BioBeo song were also
shared with the teachers!

The next teacher meeting is planned to be held in January! Until then, stay tuned! Because there
is a lot to share with you about this exciting project!

We would also like to take this opportunity to share our gratitude to all of our teachers who are
involved in this project to teach and learn more about the sustainable circular bioeconomy:
Iroveanu Aura, Aytaç Ünal, Loreta Blaževičienė, Fatma Tamer Aktan, Renata Agolli, Marianthi
Giannakopoulou, Pilar Garcia, Georgios Tsarsitalidis

You may also listen to the BioBeo song here on Youtube