Our eTwinning Teachers had their final meeting in June!

While the school year coming to an end in June, our eTwinning project Resource – Don’t Go! is also about to end. Therefore, following our student meetings in May, our teachers Aura Iroveanu from Romania, Fatma Tamer Aktan from Türkiye, Renata Agolli and Marianthi Giannakopoulou from Greece, together with Sabiha Gökçen Zwack from the University of Hohenheim had their final meeting to discuss several points before finalizing the project!

The first point discussed was the application of National Quality Labels in each country. Our teacher Renata Agolli, kindly shared her knowledge of the application procedure, and a discussion followed among our teachers on the requirements, application deadlines and many more about the National Quality Labels!

The finalisation of the tasks was the second point discussed in the meeting. Each teacher shared the updates and their progress on the tasks and what needs to be completed before the end of the project, which is set to be the end of June!

Finally, Sabiha Gökcen Zwack shared her gratitude for the great effort that has been made by all the teachers and their students, and for their participation in our BioBeo project!