BioBeo at the EAIE in Rotterdam

The 33rd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition took place 26–29 September in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Beo and Raja paid their visit too!

BioBeo consortium member Janneke was excited to be part of this endeavour: “We are always looking forward to meeting new partners and to see if we can work together on student exchange. For us it also was an opportunity to spread the information about BioBeo around the world. I sang in the EAIE choir and spoke to many new partners and also met with old friends among the partners. It was the first time I attended this EAIE conference and is was impressive to meet with so many partner universities. It also was a surprise for me to see the green corner, with information on projects like BioBeo.”

You can read all about the event on their website: EAIE Rotterdam 2023