E3STEM goes to Athens Science Festival with BioBeo Students Workshops!

E3STEM brought the energy of BioBeo project to the Athens Science Festival in Greece, with three interactive workshops for secondary school students! Each session, packed with 25-30 enthusiastic participants, explored the fascinating world of BioBeo through engaging, hands-on STEM activities for circular Bioeconomy.

Students got to learn about the circle of bioeconomy and took the role of bioengineers with the following STEM activities:

  • The Smart Food Cabinet: This clever creation combined microbit sensors and Scratch programming to monitor plants, track food supplies, and even suggest delicious recipes based on what you have on hand and your history as a user!
  • BioBeo Robot Game: Bioeconomy learning became a game! Students tackled this exciting robot challenge while exploring BioBeo themes and uncovering cool facts about circular bioeconomy.
  • From Soil to Satellites: Using Arduino sensors, students delved into the world of sensors, measuring soil pH, identifying watering needs, and even monitoring areas of interest through satellite web-view systems.
  • Bioplastic Power: Students crafted their own bioplastic from everyday materials like potatoes and glycerin!

Beyond the Workshops students also had the chance to:

  • Play BioBeo Board Games: Engage in friendly competition to discuss bioeconomy themes through interactive board games.
  • Dive into the BioBeo Comix: Explore the world of BioBeo through the engaging BioBeo comic book series.
  • Project Leaflet: Teachers and students can continue their BioBeo journey by learning about the project’s results through the project’s website to discover a wealth of information, including downloadable BioBeo comics and games, Biobeo podcast and follow the trajectory of the future project results.

The BioBeo workshops in Athens Science Festival gave the students a fantastic opportunity to explore the exciting world of bioeconomy through interactive, hands-on STEM experiences.