Resource – Don't Go! was introduced to the new bachelor’s students at the University of Hohenheim!

On the 2nd of April, M.Sc. Sabiha Gökçen Zwack together with one of her colleagues at the University of Hohenheim, M.Sc. Ricardo Vargas Carpintero facilitated a workshop as part of the welcome week with the goal of introducing students to research activities going on at the University. In this workshop our game Resource – Don’t Go! was introduced to the new bachelor’s students enrolled in different disciplines at the University of Hohenheim, particularly in the programs of Agricultural Sciences and Renewable Resources and Bioenergy.

During the introduction, the concept of bioeconomy was discussed, along with our graphical bioeconomy definition. This was followed by the presentation of the game and its development process. For various students, the concept of “Bioeconomy” was new. But our game could provide a practical overview of this fascinating field, some related challenges and innovative solutions in a very fun way!

The game cards provided by the EU-funded project, that are suitable for the age group 15-18 were used. The game was played in three groups and stones were used as pawns! The game enabled a lively discussion about the bioeconomy, in which the students engaged, raised questions, proposed ideas and solutions, and gained new perspectives related to agriculture, biomass use, processing and products as part of the bioeconomy. We thank the students for participating and the University of Hohenheim and the Humboldt-reloaded program team for opening this interactive space.

You may download our Resource – Don’t Go game here.

If you would like to know more about our game, we invite you to check our YouTube channel here.