With #WorldBeeDay2024 taking place on May 20th this year, and the release of the May edition of the BioBeo Buzz, the BioBeo Project invited a postgraduate student Eoin Ó Móráin to contribute a bumbling piece on the brilliance of bees and where they sit in a bioeconomy landscape today. We hope you enjoy it, and […]

February was the month in which the second Teacher Meeting in our eTwinning project “Resource – Don’t Go!” was held! Under the moderation of Sabiha Gökçen Zwack from the Bioeconomy Office Hohenheim, our eTwinning teachers came together to discuss the progress of our eTwinning project and the upcoming tasks. First o

Dear pupils, students, teachers, parents or anyone interested in bioeconomy and sustainability in general! How can we prepare the next generation for the future?How can we convey to young people the importance of our influence on the world we live in, how can we protect our nature in a sustainable way? And what is bioeconomy [&h