DH O6 I want to know more about model invlovement of teachers

Model invlovement of teachers

No matter the support provided, bringing new and innovative content into schools will always demand extra effort from teachers. So, for a teacher to be ready to take on this commitment, they need the right working conditions. They should be paid well enough that their salary motivates them to go beyond their basic duties. Their workday should not be overloaded with lessons and tasks, leaving room for activities outside the curriculum. Ideally, they should work at one school and not a few, to avoid having their day filled with commuting and to help them form a bond with the school and students, which can also motivate them. Lastly, they need proper training and the support of other teachers, parents, the school head, and authorities. This support would encourage them to start and take part in procedures for introducing new content into schools, including procedures that require stepping outside the school and the teacher’s usual authority.