DH O5 I want to know more about model organisation of funding

Model organisation of funding

Decentralisation in deciding on school content is beneficial, allowing schools to respond flexibly to the needs of pupils, the local community, and the changing world. Procedures for introducing new content should favour school autonomy, reducing the need for external approval. The main reason for external approval is additional funding, but this can be addressed by providing resources for introducing new, innovative content.

It is crucial that the procedure includes opportunities for funding or organisational support. This can help increase equity in education, as schools in low-income areas may lack the resources to provide the same opportunities as those in more affluent areas. By providing funding or organisational support, these schools can use the same procedures as any other schools, helping to level the playing field.

The introduction of new content into schools should not be a one-off event. It requires ongoing support and resources to ensure sustainability and effectiveness. By providing funding or organisational support, schools can ensure that new content is sustainable and that students continue to benefit from it over time.