DH H4 Socio cultural barriers

Socio cultural barriers

Limited awareness
A lack of or limited understanding of concepts such as bioeconomy, outdoor learning, and communities of practice can impede the adoption of any innovative approach. The unfamiliar terminology associated with bioeconomy contributes to a lack of comprehension, necessitating efforts to simplify the concepts free of jargon. How can you build social awareness and properly communicate your ideas?

Climate anxiety
Environmental issues present a distinctive set of challenges. Some countries are facing superficial awareness of environmental problems, with the focus limited to selective waste collection. Awareness of bioeconomy is often overshadowed by more immediate concerns, and the introduction of these concepts may lead to unintended psychological consequences, such as climate grief, and particularly among adolescents. How can the exacerbation of climate anxiety be avoided while introducing new approaches that relate to environmental education?

Cultural norms and values
Cultural norms and values can act as barriers, especially when innovative forms of learning are perceived as conflicting with traditional teaching methods or cultural values. How can we overcome resistance to change?