DH H2 Legal Barriers

Legal barriers

Restrictions connected to curriculum frameworks
National curriculum frameworks form the backbone of many educational systems, ensuring uniformity and consistency. However, their rigidity often becomes a significant challenge when attempting to introduce new concepts. How strict is the national curriculum framework in your country?

Compulsory subjects
The imposition of compulsory subjects within the curriculum narrows the space available for integrating new concepts. How much space does the core curriculum take? Is there room for integrating new concepts?

Decision-making processes
Decisions related to curriculum changes, sometimes required at the national level, necessitate approval processes. What does the process look like in your country?

Internal institutional procedures, designed to maintain educational standards, contribute to the slow pace of adopting innovations. What procedures will you be required to face?

Limited autonomy of schools
While some autonomy is granted to schools, they often operate within the confines of a broader national framework. What national laws and regulations should you obey?

Assessment and examination standardisation
The standardisation of assessments, while ensuring consistency, poses challenges in accommodating innovative evaluation methods and new approaches. In what way can you incorporate novelties while adhering to the standard evaluation process?

Qualification and training challenges
Educators face challenges associated with specialised training connected to new concepts, requiring a balanced approach to professional development that takes financial issues into account. How can teachers’ training needs be addressed?

Resources and funding
Limited funding opportunities pose challenges concerning resource allocation for new approaches.

Resistance to change and educational traditions
Overcoming institutional issues that deviate from traditional educational practices mandates a strategic and collaborative effort, given the systemic and transversal nature of bioeconomy approaches. Find out how you can balance tradition and innovation.