DH D2 I want to engage politicians

Engaging politicians

Federal and local governments play crucial roles in developing new curricula. Various political bodies may be engaged at different stages and to varying degrees. Some countries have more uniform national curricula, while others develop frameworks for interpretation in school-based curricula.

How to engage political actors?

  • Check the scope of the national curriculum.

See if you have a precise curriculum to implement, or some degree of freedom to propose your ideas.

  • Check institutions on a national and regional level.

See the degree of involvement of the national government, ministries, secretaries, government agencies, regional governments, municipal governments, and national advisory bodies, etc.

  • Check the procedures for implementing a new curriculum.

See who prompts change. Examples include ministries, expert advisory boards, schools, associations (of parents, teachers and students), and citizens.

  • Check the participatory decision-making opportunities.

See the existing forms of citizen participation in curriculum changes – for example, through advisory boards, associations, organisations, citizen sessions, petitions and public discussions.

Materials to use: