DH I8 See how the process of curriculum change happens in Austria

The process of curriculum change in Austria

The usual procedure of developing a new curriculum in Austria consists of the following steps:

  1. The Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research decides a new curriculum has to be created.
  2. Experts from universities and colleges, etc., formulate the first draft.
  3. The first draft is sent abroad and to experts in different fields. It is elaborated over 6-7 rounds of feedback.
  4. The ministry sends out the finished document to universities, educational science faculties, teacher training colleges, teacher representatives, pupil representatives, unions, religious organisations, education directorates and parents’ representatives. Over the next 3-4 months these communities’ remarks are collected.
  5. The review outcomes are forwarded to the curriculum creation committee (Lehrplanerstellungskommission).
  6. The final version is presented in parliament to be decided upon. If it is successfully accepted:
  7. New school textbooks are compiled on the basis of the new curricula by expert commissions. This process takes about one year.
  8. Teaching staff learn about the innovations through training, and teacher training colleges adapt their education programmes for teachers.
  9. Directorates of Education are tasked with ensuring that the curricula (contents, timetables, etc.) are implemented by the schools and teachers.