DH I7 I want to know more about the situation in Poland

The situation in Poland

In Poland, a pedagogical experiment has to be an innovative activity and is often more long-term than the pedagogical innovation I described earlier (though it is still limited). On the other hand, it involves formalities and extra work for the teacher, and doesn’t come with guaranteed funding or organisational support. The pedagogical experiment is conducted under the supervision of an academic institution, such as a university.

The experiment can cover the whole school or institution, a department, a group or selected educational classes. To conduct a pedagogical experiment at a school, you need approval from the Ministry of Education. The school head, based on a resolution of the Teaching Council and after getting the opinion of the Parent Council, applies to the Ministry of Education for permission to conduct a pedagogical experiment at the school. This application is submitted through the Superintendent of Education by 31 March of the school year before the school year in which the experiment is planned to start. If the Pedagogical Experiment requires the school to be given additional budget funds, the application is accompanied by written consent of the school’s governing authority to finance the planned activities. Immediately after completion of the pedagogical experiment, the school head submits a report on how it proceeded to the Ministry of Education, along with the opinion of the academic unit supervising the course of the experiment. The report is also given to the school’s governing authority and the authority that exercises educational supervision (Superintendent of Education).