DH F2 Through hours not covered by the standard curriculum

Changes through hours not covered by the standard curriculum

Teachers can add new topics to the usual lessons during special times called homeroom periods. In Poland, this time is known as “godzina wychowawcza”. It’s a time set aside for non-academic activities and guidance, led by the class teacher.

This method has certain benefits. There’s no need for formalities, and it’s quite flexible. This flexibility makes homeroom periods a great time to introduce new subjects, such as bioeconomy or other non-traditional topics. It allows for a more relaxed and interactive way of learning.

However, there are some downsides too. There’s only a limited amount of time available, which can limit how much you can cover. There’s also no specific funding, training or organisational support, which can be a hurdle. This method is often short-term, so you need to think about how it will have a lasting impact, how it will benefit education in the long run.